How can we save the Tiger? 

  • Create awareness– help educate people & corporates on why the Tiger is so important NOW and for our future generations
  • Stop the demand for Tiger parts– educate people that there is NO medicinal value in a dead tiger
  • Stamp out poaching– Increase anti-poaching measures + use new technology to monitor tiger reserves
  • Habitat Integration– Help protect existing Tiger reserves & interlink reserves so tigers have a contiguous areas of habitat
  • Scientific research– continue with tiger wildlife scientific research & monitoring
  • Influence Political Will– Make governments take accountability to save the Tiger by providing funding & ongoing commitment for a sustainable future for tigers

Other potential new solutions:

  • Acquisition– Acquire new land around existing tiger reserves to minimize human conflict, encroachment & poaching
  • Privatise– Privatise Tiger reserves
  • Community ownership for Tiger conservation– work with educating & empowering local communities to benefit from tiger conservation
  • Resource Expansion– Build new small dams & maintain existing water sources within the tiger reserves to ensure that there is enough water source for the tiger & its prey throughout the year
  • Food Chain protection– Ensure that we grow trees(mangoes/jackfruit/fig) that produce food for the tiger’s prey
  • Habitat Expansion– Along with preserving existing tiger reserves, creating new tiger reserves outside of existing