Wlatest_logo_resizedorld Tiger conservation Society (WTCS) has been formed to create global awareness on the plight of the tiger and initiate innovative strategies to increase the wild tiger population by 100% in 5-8 years.

World Tiger conservation Society (WTCS) are people like you and me who want to help save the tiger from extinction. Along with scientific research and conservation strategies World Tiger Conservation Society (WTCS) will adopt a business-lens approach to tiger conservation

WTCS objective is to ensure that we can work with in partnership with NGO’s across the globe, Political parties, Government agencies and local communities to create 1 VOICE for Tiger Conservation.

On the Indian subcontinent, where the largest tiger population persists, only about 10 percent of original habitat remains in an increasingly fragmented and often degraded state. Tigers are a conservation dependent species, requiring large continuous forests with access to water and undisturbed core areas in which to breed. We want to be the voice of the tiger to ensure that we help the tiger from human/environmental threats.